February 16  - 23

Lucia Voronova

Selected Solo-exhibitions:

1993 Gallery A-3, Moscow.
1994 Dar Gallery, Moscow.
        Stafts Museum, Vyborg, DENMARK.
1995 "Apple Day", Dar Gallery, Moscow.
        Amtsgorgen, Vyborg, DENMARK.
        "Let me have a good catch, Velta Gallery, Moscow.
1996 "Big Heavently Travel", Velta Gallery, Moscow.
        "Winter P.S.", Dar Gallery, Moscow.
        Moscow Art Fair, Dar Gallery, Central House of Artists, Moscow.
        "Comunication - step in future", Aarhus, DENMARK.
1997 Hermit Gallery - Studio 600, Prague, CZECH Republic.
        "New motherland of literature and art", Kvols, DENMARK.
1998 "Portrait", Borei Gallery, Saint Petersburg.
        "Steder and Stukker", Skovgaard Museum, Vyborg, DENMARK.
1999 "Painting on the paper", Gellery "Bucherei Oberkassel, Dusseldorf, GERMANY.
        Gallery "Dexa", Panama, Panama.
        Maria Gallery, Samara.
        Ved Kirken Gallery, Aarhus, DENMARK.
        "I am living here", L Gallery, Moscow
2000 LeVall Gallery, Novosibirsk